Friday, 7 February 2014

Sally Hansen Total Knock Out Review #CSMTKO

When I received my Sally Hansen Total Knock Out VoxBox I was very excited! 
All the colours were shades that I would personally wear & I was eager to test them out.

"Jaded": This is such a pretty shade, perfect for Spring or Summer. However, be aware this colour is translucent. 
When looking at the bottle I thought one or two coats would be fine... but if you want a brilliant, opaque look you will 
need a few coats. That was my only disappointment.
"Pat on the Black": This is the ideal Fall or Winter shade. It's vampy & would look beautiful on all skin tones.
"Red My Lips": This is the perfect primary red. It's very vibrant and is the perfect pop of colour to any outfit!

I have been wearing "Pat on the Black" lately and this is an awesome polish. The application was amazing because the brush is slightly wider/bigger then your average brush. So it covered more of my nails while applying which made the process easy. Also what I really liked is that the consistency & formula was very smooth, not too runny and not too thick... it was just right :)

All the benefits:

1. Base Coat     2. Strengthening Treatment     3. Nail Growth Treatment     4. Nail Polish
5. Shiny Top Coat     6. Chip-Resistant Treatment     7. High Gloss Gel Shine 

I would definitely recommend these polishes; just make sure to really look at the bottle before purchasing it because if you can’t see through the nail polish it will most likely be opaque. However if it looks like the light is softly going through it and the consistency doesn't look too vibrant it may be translucent. It all depends on the look you are going for.. but just keep that in mind.

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FTC: I received these products complementary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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  1. The last influenster VoxBox I got was a while ago, a bit before I started my blog. You got some really pretty colors, that's a shame about Jaded, but Pat on the Black is one of my favorite shades too. Lovely pictures!