Wednesday, 12 September 2012

MAC Warehouse Sale September 2012

This past weekend was the MAC Warehouse sale and i had a great time. I went on Saturday & the line wasnt too bad. It was rainy so i was happy that by the time we got there the doors to wait inside were open so we just went right in and waited 45 mins. The sale prices have increased in comparison from past sales. I didnt buy too much but if your interested in seeing what i bought definitely check out my video and if you went in the comments let me know what you got as your free gift & what you got in the charity packs :) (click this link for the video)

- Lip products $10
- Concealers & Nailpolishes $9
- Eyeshadows & Pigments $12
- Makeup bags $2-$15
- Dazzlesphere $10 (2 for $20)

The $4.00 bins werent too much to talk about, this was the first time i didn't buy anything from there!
Also on Saturday the charity pack only had 2 items on Sunday it had 1 item *thumbs down*
But i must say the free gifts were pretty awesome this year *yayyy*

♥♥Dont forget to follow my blog & subscribe to my Youtube because if i ever have any extra tickets i will give them away so stay tuned for a chance to score some free tickets!♥♥

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sister Outfit of the Day!

Summer is almost over, but i'm enjoying every last minute of it
before i have to start adding layers. Here's a cool summer ootd with my sis!

Monday, 3 September 2012

It's that time of the year again...

Even though today isn't the last day of summer, in a way it sort of felt like it. Labour day weekend has passed and school will resume Tuesday morning for students! I am a college graduate, but i remember as a child being so excited for the return of school and to be entering a new grade! In high school and college as i grew more fashion conscious i would have outfits planned for the week! [Back to school shopping was fun and picking out cute outfits was my speciality.] If i were in school here's something i put together that i would definitely wear on the first day back... enjoy!!

What did you wear on your first day back?
OR What trends are you excited for this fall?