Monday, 16 December 2013

Winter/Fall Collective Haul

Here is the info & links to the items shown in my video:

H&M: Olive Green Jersey top $14.95

Reitmans: Blouse $24.99 N/A online, check in store

Smart Set: Shirt $7.99 & Purse $29
Currently N/A online, check in store

Old Navy: Striped Sweater $28
Currently N/A online, check in store

Joe Fresh: Chunky Knit Sweater $19 & Cardigan $16
Currently N/A online, check in store

Forever21: Favorite V-Neck Tee CAD $3.80

Forever21: Everyday V-Neck Cardigan CAD $8.80

Desert Cool Utility Coat CAD $57.80

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Garnier Skincare Press Event

Hello Everyone!

Last week as a vrep ( I had the pleasure of attending the Garnier Skincare Press Event at Snell Hall!
As soon as I entered the venue everything from..

the candy bar:

to the seating:

Screamed Garnier! I loved the execution of the d├ęcor/setting & it definitely translated very well to the brand, green accents were everywhere. (Awesome job ROI!)

In the past I have used Garnier hair products but I haven't tried any Skincare products, so it was nice to try out something new. We learned a lot about what Garnier has in store for 2014, so definitely be on the look out in your local drug stores and beauty sections! I can't give too much details... but just know it'll definitely be something to check out.

There were different areas to try out the new products, here was the 'Get Dirty Station' where we put different types of make-up on our hands then exfoliated with the new products! Might I add... these exfoliatiors smelt a-ma-zing! The scent was so fresh & lingered long after:

At this station we learned about the various cleansers:

Here is Stephanie (she's a vrep too!) & Myself:

Yummy Goodies:

The lovely gift they gave us (Thank-you!!):

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fall Outfit Essentials feat. Dr Martens


1. Warm Knitted Scarf
2. Watch
3. Comfy & Durable Shoes: Fall can be unpredictable, all-weather type shoes are a must!
4. Chunky Sweater: They are perfect for this season and will keep you extra warm
5. Warm Leggings
6. Anorak: This jacket is my favourite for fall♥ [Check out- F21, Aritiza & Urban Outfitters]

The shoe featured in this post are the classic Dr. Martens which are great for pairing with many different outfits. This Fall there was a collab between Pendleton and Dr. Martens and it will leave your feet very happy! *Click here* to see what it's all about :)

What is your Fall 'must haves'??

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sneek Peek :)

Any guesses of what the upcoming videos are?

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Friday, 31 May 2013

& the winner is...

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Thanks to all who entered my first giveaway. If you didn't win or weren't able to enter, no worries there will be another opportunity in the future! :)

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Friday, 24 May 2013

What to pack for the beach:

1. a sturdy beach bag that can endure a little sand & water. This cute beach bag i bought at the MAC warehouse sale for $15, it's from the 'to the beach' collection **Next sale is in June!**
2. a makeup bag with a spare scrunchie/hair pins, a comb, sanitizer & lipblam [with spf15, gotta protect your lips too!]
3. a beach towel, i bought this one from Zellers, sadly they have closed :( but Walmart has some cute ones for great prices
4. a pair of sunglasses
5. sun care products, the ones i'll be using:

*Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration- Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30:  it gives a light & non-greasy application, it's waterproof & will keep your skin protected. To avoid sun damage make sure to apply every 2 hours!

*Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration- After Sun Moisturizer: Coconut Papaya, it has 'ribbons of lotion and soothing aloe gel'. It smells amazing & leaves your skin feeling really soft & moisturized. It's great to use after a fun day in the sun!
To check out more of their products visit:

a swimsuit [i bought this one at Joe Fresh]
7. a pair of flip flops, rubber ones are great for the sand or water
8. a sun hat to keep you cool & comfy
*Tip- If you have big hair(like me!) some mens departments have really cute hats/fedoras

Always make sure to keep yourself hydrated with water & pack a little snack to munch on!
Have a lovely day at the beach,
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Disclaimer: Through being a vrep with Vervegirl Magazine [] i was sent these Hawaiian Topic products to try out/review.
However, all opinions are my own like always & this is not a sponsored post!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sneek Peek..


Any guesses what my next video will be??
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Thrifted Spring Outfit of the Day ♥


To view my outfit of the day video click here

My Spring/Summer Obsession: Mint

This color is one of my favourite colors for Spring/Summer.
My favourite way to embrace this color is on my nails!
Nailpolish Color:
OPI- Thanks a windmillion

*I made this set via Polyvore

What color are you loving for the season?


Thursday, 2 May 2013

How to Get Silky Smooth Legs:

1. Soak legs: Whether you're having a shower or a bath,
make sure to soak your legs for at least 5 minutes
with warm water. This will help to open your pores
and make for an easier shave

2. Exfoliate: Make sure to exfoliate your skin weekly
with a loufa or body scrub, this helps to keep your
skin fresh by scrubbing away all the dead skin.
You can buy an exfoliator or there are numerous
DIY alternatives that give the same results.

3. Shave:If you have sensitive skin, get red easily or
        just prefer a pain free alternative for getting rid
of your leg hair... shaving is a great choice!
Always make sure to use a good quality razor to
reduce cuts and to get a close shave.

♥ My choice: I have been recently using the ‘Schick Intuition’ razor. It gives a smooth and close shave plus it eliminates using shaving cream/gel because it has a mini soap bar built in. The soap lathers & smells amazing! There are different ones you can choose from depending on your skin type/needs:

Pure Nourishment: It’s great for dry skin plus it has coconut milk & almond oil
Sensitive Care: 100% natural aloe (with vitamin e), hypo-allergenic & fragrance free
Renewing Moisture: has pomegranate extract
Also what’s awesome about this product is that is gives a really close shave (it has 4 blades) & that “the pivoting head follows your contours.” It does a great job and leaves your legs looking amazing!


4. Rinse: Use cool water. Cool water is not only good for your hair (eliminates frizz/increases shine, closes cuticle); it's great to close up your pores as well. Then make sure to pat your legs dry don’t rub because that can irritate your skin!

5. Moisturize: Apply lotion to keep your skin healthy & looking its best!

♥ Tip: If you have very dry skin try using shea butter, it's natural & thick. It will leave your skin feeling very smooth and moisturized!

6. Finito! Now your legs should look and feel amazing :)

For more info on Schick products visit: OR
Don’t forget to visit they always have great articles & contests!
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*DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored & I was sent the razor & cartridges to review.
However, this doesn't change my view... all opinions are my own like always.*

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Get Spring Ready Skin: featuring Oxy!

Spring is finally here & now that the weather has changed sometimes the changing of the weather can affect our skin in a negative way. Prom season is approaching & before we know it summer will be here too, so we all want to look our best!
Problem: Dirty/oily skin in need of some cleansing
Solution: “Deep Pore Daily Cleanser" & "Deep Cleaning Oxy Pads"
To keep your skin looking its best everyday, try the “Deep Pore Daily Cleanser”.
With the new/enhanced formula it has "faster absorption to better fight acne." It glides on your skin ever so smoothly and has a fresh & pleasant scent. More importantly it "penetrates deep into pores removing dirt, oil and dead skin, allowing oxygen in to help skin breathe." For best results it's recommended to be used 1-3 times daily.

My thoughts: For my skin type which is combination skin (oily & dry) I prefer to deep clean my face in the morning and then at night. So it’s up to you how much times a day but never go over the recommended amount. Doing so may cause your face more harm then good, so always keep that in mind!
After washing your face, the 2nd step in the system is the "Deep Cleaning Oxy Pads."
Do not rinse because with this formula it also helps to keep skin nice & clean!
My thoughts: With my skin type I don’t like to over do it so I would skip this step. However 8 years ago when I had more acne prone skin I would definitely not skip this step. If you don’t really experience any breakouts and you have an occasional pimple then I’d suggest using this occasionally or you can skip it. However if you breakout frequently I would say to make sure to include this step after you use the Cleanser.
Problem: An unflattering pimple
Solution: "Oxy Acne Vanishing Treatment"
We've all experienced it... you go to bed with beautiful glowing skin & wake up with a pimple on
your face. Popping it is never the way to go because if done incorrectly it can make the problem worse. To get rid of that pimple try "Oxy Acne Vanishing Treatment", it "works rapidly to clear breakouts." Not only does this formula kill acne, it unclogs pores.

My thoughts: As cautioned on the box "using other topical acne products at the same time or immediately following use of this product may increase dryness or irritation of the skin." Currently I am using the Clinique Spot Treatment Gel and I am very pleased with it so I don’t want to irritate or disrupt my skin. As mentioned before, doing too much to your skin can cause more harm then good so that is why I can’t give my full honest thoughts about this product. From reviewing the ingredients it includes: Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) "Kills acne bacteria to quickly help heal acne blemishes and prevent new breakouts", plus other beneficial contents


For more info on Oxy products visit

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*Disclaimer* this is not a sponsored post. Through being a vrep with Vervegirl I was sent these products to try out & give my honest feedback. Like always all opinions are my own.