Thursday, 2 May 2013

How to Get Silky Smooth Legs:

1. Soak legs: Whether you're having a shower or a bath,
make sure to soak your legs for at least 5 minutes
with warm water. This will help to open your pores
and make for an easier shave

2. Exfoliate: Make sure to exfoliate your skin weekly
with a loufa or body scrub, this helps to keep your
skin fresh by scrubbing away all the dead skin.
You can buy an exfoliator or there are numerous
DIY alternatives that give the same results.

3. Shave:If you have sensitive skin, get red easily or
        just prefer a pain free alternative for getting rid
of your leg hair... shaving is a great choice!
Always make sure to use a good quality razor to
reduce cuts and to get a close shave.

♥ My choice: I have been recently using the ‘Schick Intuition’ razor. It gives a smooth and close shave plus it eliminates using shaving cream/gel because it has a mini soap bar built in. The soap lathers & smells amazing! There are different ones you can choose from depending on your skin type/needs:

Pure Nourishment: It’s great for dry skin plus it has coconut milk & almond oil
Sensitive Care: 100% natural aloe (with vitamin e), hypo-allergenic & fragrance free
Renewing Moisture: has pomegranate extract
Also what’s awesome about this product is that is gives a really close shave (it has 4 blades) & that “the pivoting head follows your contours.” It does a great job and leaves your legs looking amazing!


4. Rinse: Use cool water. Cool water is not only good for your hair (eliminates frizz/increases shine, closes cuticle); it's great to close up your pores as well. Then make sure to pat your legs dry don’t rub because that can irritate your skin!

5. Moisturize: Apply lotion to keep your skin healthy & looking its best!

♥ Tip: If you have very dry skin try using shea butter, it's natural & thick. It will leave your skin feeling very smooth and moisturized!

6. Finito! Now your legs should look and feel amazing :)

For more info on Schick products visit: OR
Don’t forget to visit they always have great articles & contests!
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*DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored & I was sent the razor & cartridges to review.
However, this doesn't change my view... all opinions are my own like always.*

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